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Paula B. Castro, M.D.

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Dr. Paula Castro is an intuitive and discerning physician-counselor whose diverse background helps her evaluate and assess your needs and concerns.  She is a board certified family physician with a background in holistic care including acupuncture, hypnotherapy and shamanic counseling.  Dr. Castro uses the paradigm of the medicine wheel and the four directions (physical, emotional, mind, spirit) to help you understand where you are standing in life's crossroads.

She approaches your concerns holistically and helps you to identify and clarify the issues presented during sessions.  If medical issues are foremost, she can help you with a plan to address the steps needed for evaluation and treatment by your personal physician.

She can design an individualized plan for you that may include meditation/relaxation exercises, hypnotherapy or holistic counseling based on your specific needs to address your personal and spiritual goals.

Dr. Castro can help facilitate your own personal journey with an awareness of your life's goals; help heal and release obstructing issues and help transform your day to day experience with balance and awareness.

Consultation is available via phone sessions and/or email sessions.

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