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Getting Out of My Own Way

I’ve been riding the emotion of impatience. I have set my intention toward a desired goal and now I find myself constantly checking to see where the manifestation is. It reminds me of when I first learned to bake. I’d place the cookies or cake in the oven and then want to open it to see what they were doing. Were they rising?! Well they were until I opened the oven! Of course I was helped later in life by having an oven door with a glass window and oven light. I smile at myself and realize how very helpful the light is. My mind wanders to imagining that oven light as a symbol of Spirit’s love and I am reminded that trust and faith are essential to my life journey.

Love lights my path and guides me to each new experience.

It is not essential that I peek and make sure things are happening — they will. Life always unfolds. When I keep trying to peek at the progress I am slowing up the manifestation of my desires. When I make what’s missing the focus of my attention I always get more of what’s missing.

I realize this is a difficult concept. I know this from experience. When I want something I want it and I want it quickly. It’s very simple. The trick is getting out of the way so I can receive it. My mind will want to analyze the situation. It will want to justify why I deserve what I want. It will want to prove to me that I am worthy of what I want. It might even point a finger at others saying if not for them I’d have it already.

I listened to a spiritual teacher this morning. She was reminding me that the universe is always for me. It is always supporting me. When I hold to my beliefs and opinions of all that is wrong in life, I delay the good from entering my space. It’s like holding up an umbrella in a rain storm. In my attempt to hunker down and block out discomfort, I also block myself from seeing the good that follows the storm. If I keep holding that umbrella up, I will block out all of the light. At some point it becomes time to put the umbrella down.

My only job is to receive the good.

My only job is to maintain the emotional climate that I desire to feel and experience. What would I prefer to feel, I ask myself? This question is always very easy to answer.

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