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Be the Love that is Self

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Many people are looking outside of themselves to feel better. They look to others to saturate them with love which causes an increase in feeling love. And when they feel love, they then think they are loved. And while these feelings are amazing, they are short lived, because others get distracted by their own needs, and others cannot be expected to keep up with your demands to feel love. And the experience of seeking the feeling from others creates a dependence on others who must constantly pour out the love so you can feel good. And others are guaranteed to disappoint.

There is a difference between someone loving you, and being the person who loves. When you are the person who loves, you can love everything and everybody, including yourself. You do not need to worry about who the focal point of love is. You are simply finding the feeling of love and sharing it. The only thing that matters is the feeling of love, and the fact that you are love. The more you deliberately love and acknowledge that love is who you are, the more you will see love everywhere you go.

You are not looking for others to love you. You are not even looking for you to love you. You are only ever looking to be the love that is self. Focus the love through you, rather than seeking love to be focused at you. If your awareness is on how you are not loved by others or yourself, then you can’t feel love. The bridge to the loving feeling you are seeking is your ability to allow love to flow through you.

Discover the part of you that loves. Train yourself into the desire that says, I love loving. I love the feeling of loving you, and how you feel about me is irrelevant! Form a vibration of love, and then love MUST come. You are always matched up with what you feel.

You want this. You want to feel love. This is the meaning of life. You want to connect to the loving vibration that is you. Look for reasons to feel love. There is an abundance of things in this environment to love. Make peace with where you are. Let it be your never-ending quest to be love; to share love; to love. This is the driving motivating factor of your life. It is the only thing you actually desire. It is the ultimate calling. It is the quest you want answered. It is what you want to achieve.

Know that the love that you hold for yourself at any moment is enough. Where you are on your path right now is just right. You will always seek a fuller experience, but right now is perfect. And source is always guiding you and always loves you. Source maintains an absolute appreciation of you! Give yourself a break. You are in the perfect place relative to everything.

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