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My name is Lydia Taft.  I am a Practical Mystic and Transformational Guide.  The mystic part of me always seeks to connect with the sacred.  I’ve always believed there is more to life than our eyes can see, and I’ve been on a lifelong journey to know the divine.  This search has led me to a sense of security, confidence, and peace, all of which I’ve tapped into during exceptionally difficult times in my life.  I call myself a practical mystic because I provide simple everyday tools to people who are in the process of life changes and personal growth.  

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My Story

I am a mystic.  I seek direct experience with the sacred.  I am also an everyday regular person, navigating all the challenging human experiences we all share.  I go through ups and downs, I stumble, and I readjust. I juggle many life stresses and survive them using practical self-care tools.  I constantly address my limiting belief systems which have held me in suffering and anchored me in fear and pain.  As I move forward in this healing journey, I more fully step into the truth of who I am.

Over 20 years ago, a wise teacher advised that the world was speeding up and that lessons would come quickly.  I now understand what she meant by that.  Now more than ever, we must step up and use every tool we have at our disposal.  We must call in the energy of our highest self.  We must be the peace in the storm, centered in our knowing, anchoring the light that we are.  The spiritual practice I maintain daily, and the art I create is my unique expression channeled from the energy of love and connection.  It is this energy I hope to share. 

See Lydia's Art

My art has served me as a source of healing and strength.  Explore my page and see if it might inspire you.

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