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What to Expect

If you find yourself in need of connection, support, or guidance, I invite you to work with me as your transformational guide.  I have over 30 years of spiritual practice which includes Shamanic, Christian, and esoteric principals.  I am a trained mental health counselor, so I do understand mental health concerns.  My focus however is on providing tools that help clients tap into their innate strengths and connection with their higher holy self.  I serve as a guide for people who are in the process of life changes and personal growth.  I support people as they seek meaning and purpose in challenging situations. 

Exploration of

  • Energy/frequency

  • Consciousness

  • Perspective

  • Awareness

  • Communication

  • Feeling and Thinking

  • Manifestation

  • Sovereignty

Possible Goals

  • Integration with the sacred (align the highest holy self and physical self).

  • Practice of Self-Reflection and Awareness.

  • Healing and release of limiting belief systems.

  • Release of fear and pain.

  • Learn to nurture and love all aspects of self.

  • Reveal the truth of who you are.

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