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Life is a sacred journey.  It's up to you to find the love.

Lotus Flower

We are never alone.  Guidance and support are everywhere.

White Plants

Healing is an inside job.  Your perspective is your truth.

White Sand and Stone

Wake up.


Who You Are.


Many of us have forgotten what freedom and joy are. We have forgotten our purpose and natural state of being. 

It's never too late to remember who you are.  It's never too late to tap into a higher consciousness and find support, encouragement and love in all experiences. 

If you are reading this now, it's time to intentionally begin your sacred journey. 

Your Soul is calling you.  Are you ready to answer?


Guiding Principles

To be human is to experience contrast and in turn discover and clarify our preferences.  Our emotions play an integral role in the understanding of what is right and true for us.  Yet, we often live with little awareness as to the value of our emotions, and we attempt to avoid and control anything that might feel unpleasant. We have the tendency to bury our past hurts deeply within.  We may even nurture them believing that this will help us to never forget our pain, so that we might never be hurt again. 


When I first envisioned this practice, I had no idea how much the world would change.  Today, we struggle with identity and unhealed aspects of self, but we also struggle with an overwhelming sense of fear, as the world we once knew appears to be filled with chaos.  There is more need now, than ever to quickly sort through the mental clutter and establish peace of mind.  There is more need now than ever to connect and remember the powerful being that we truly are.  

When we become weary of carrying our painful burdens around, and we set the intent to transform, life will conspire and offer us the exact time and place to begin our healing journey.  Dealing with the anger and fear that we have allowed ourselves to carry is never an appealing prospect but carrying it throughout our lives is worse.  To heal the heart and mind requires that one have the courage to begin looking into the shadow aspects of self. 


Any person can heal on their own.  There is no need for a guide or counselor.  Sometimes however, the healing journey feels a bit daunting and lonely.   I offer a spiritual understanding, and practical mystical tools, and guidance to anyone who wants a little bit of support along this healing path.  I encourage all people to take steps toward awareness and transformation.  I encourage all to learn to live with purpose.

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