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"Personal Power, Activate!"

As I was taking my deep centering breath earlier, I remembered a cartoon I watched as a child.  I recalled the phrase the Wonder Twins shouted when they called in their powers.  “Wonder Twin Powers Activate!”  I realized that’s what my breath does.  I’m calling in the power of my highest Self.  I think maybe I should start speaking my own magic words, “Personal power activate!”.  I know it’s not necessary, but it would be quick, and fun.  I then thought about He Man.  Did you ever watch him?  He holds up his sword and yells, “I have the Power!”  He then transforms from his every day self into a powerful warrior.  It occurred to me that we all need some kind of activation to imbue ourselves with the power of the divine.

This activation can come from ritual and prayer.  My daily practice is to light a candle.  Before I had the freedom of working from home, I used to touch my heart.  These are the signals I use to call in my angels, guides, and ancestors.  When they see the light, or when I touch my heart, they know its time.  It’s my personal game buzzer.  This is how I call my team and tell them it’s time to play.  Then I do my job and take a deep breath.  I settle within my body.  I anchor myself to the core of me, and I find stillness.  The weight and stresses I had previously been carrying no longer exist, because right now, I am present.  I am connected to the divinity within, and I am held in love by my Spirit Team.  I have now activated peace.  I am now empowered.

How is peace power?  That’s a strange concept to contemplate.  We always think of power as control over something outside of ourselves.  That is what the world would have you believe.  That is what centuries of conquest have taught us.  True power, however, is knowing the truth of who you are.

I am powerful when I call in the presence of my divinity.  I wake it up and in doing so, I see the world through the filter of love.

My practiced breath activates connection and receptivity to Source energy. It firmly roots me in strength, and an understanding of my Self as a sovereign being.

Now I am fully prepared to play the game of life. I don’t need to bend, or feel less than, because I appear or think differently.  I don’t need to fight or argue or concern myself with what others’ opinions are.  I don’t need to convince anyone to believe as I do, because I don’t need validation from anything outside of my Self.  I recall reading a t-shirt that said, “It’s none of my business what you think of me”.  In my empowered place, I stand by this.  In my empowered place, I am not a victim of the world. 

Everything can be faced when I stand in the truth of me.  In this space, I am a witness to life, and I understand the value each experience plays.  I understand more clearly the role I play.  The more I practice recalling my divine connection, the better I get at it.  Then when it really matters, when I get lost in stress, and life feels complicated, or difficult, I am able to light that candle, or touch my heart, and take that single breath. This is my power call. This is me activating the strength I need to get through any experience. 

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