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And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

I am stunned by the cycle of violence I find myself witnessing in this world.

I don’t imagine it’s more than we’ve ever had. I’m certain there have been more horrific times in many other countries and in history. It’s really a matter of it being in the forefront of my attention and if I allow myself to follow the news every day, I find, unfortunately, that I effortlessly embrace fear and uncertainty.

Last week was a difficult time for me so I took the weekend to turn off the news and rest my heart and mind. I found myself enjoying time spent appreciating the many joys of the holiday season. My husband and I prepared and decorated cutout cookies for friends and loved ones. We decorated our tree and hung bright lights and reflective ornaments inside and outside of our home. Two of my granddaughters visited and filled our home with further appreciation, joy, and delight.

Today I find that my outlook has returned to its norm of hope and positive expectation. So even though I am well aware of what has happened, I am determined to be a light in the darkness and I’ll encourage readers to do this as well.

The truth is that there is room for peace in our hearts and the understanding that all will sort itself out.

Multitudes of us are asking and praying for our higher holy ones to embrace us as we face this hell we find ourselves witnessing. And it is not possible for this many souls to ask for support and not receive it. It is not possible for the thousands of souls on this planet to ask for better in this world and not have it manifest.

And so this is the time of transition. This is a time of awakening together and it is happening quickly. Amid the upheaval and tumbling walls, I must turn my attention toward appreciation of the many things that are valuable to me. I must also open myself to receiving new brighter possibilities.

I am aware that I have a rule in my consciousness that states horrendous things should not occur during this season, but I also understand that this season is a celebration of light. Shining ornaments are displayed everywhere reminding us to reflect the truth of our spirits. Lights are hung in trees throughout our community brightening the darkest time of the year. Stars top trees and adorn cards, symbolizing the light that shines within each of us. Everywhere we look our attention is called to the light.

Despite the atrocities that have been brought to our awareness, now remains the time to seek and embrace the love that exists in this universe.

Now is always the time for us to hold each other up and encourage love. We are called to unite as one community of humanity. Only love stops violence. It must be our firm decision to release hatred and judgments and the many intolerant opinions we have for one another, so we might usher in the love and peace we crave.

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